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by Tim Gouw

How to convince others of living sustainably

Do you ever have to convince someone to go out and have fun?

Most likely not.

If something is truly enjoyable, it doesn’t need conviction.

We think sustainability needs conviction. But why live a sustainable lifestyle if it’s not making your life better. If you suffer by living a sustainable lifestyle only to make it possible for future generations to also suffer, it’s not worth it.

Sustainability is only worth it if it’s about a good life.

If a sustainable lifestyle is truly enjoyable, there is no need to convince anyone.

So instead of wasting your energy by trying to convince others why sustainability is necessary and saying that the planet needs it, show them that a sustainable lifestyle makes your life better, not worse.

Invite them to join.


Researcher & author for eco-living. Merging philosophy, psychology & personal development with ecology.

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