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The core idea is to no longer lead from the top down in fixed hierarchies. The core idea is to open up these hierarchies in a more flexible, matter of needs, living organism. To find a flow in the organization itself.

From citizen to consumer

We are brought up as consumers, not citizens. We adapted the idea that our goal in life is to consume as much as we possibly can in one lifetime. In education, we consume knowledge to make money that lets us consume stuff. Life-story told.

Turning to nature

When we turn to nature, we see swarms working in service of their queen, we see kings ruling their herd. When looking at the greater eco-system, we also see a dance of organisms, we see them living together without any formal institution. It’s a trial and error, a back and forth until a balance is found. And than change happens and the dance starts again.

Dancing ourselves

Since it’s quite a challenge to turn the system upside down in an instant, we can at least start with ourselves. We can become citizens again by actively participating in the design of our culture and our environment.

Researcher & author for eco-living. Merging philosophy, psychology & personal development with ecology.

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